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30% Commissions
Affiliates earn 30% of all revenue for the whole customers life.

1 Day

Payouts Daily
Stop waiting to get paid. Any sales get paid to you daily.

How it works

Getting set up.

Register for an account within our application to access the sellers' portal. Upon navigating to this section, you will be prompted to securely provide your banking details to facilitate seamless payouts. There are multiple ways to get paid.
1. Via signup links: Categorized into three distinct offerings tailored by varying time frames and price points. Initiate your sales process by generating unique affiliate links and QR codes with a single click, which, when utilized by new sign-ups, will credit your account
2. Coupons: You create a unique coupon code. Then, whenever anyone uses your code you get 40% of the revenue from that customer for life.

Begin earning with ease today!

Create a Bet Chime seller account.Sellers Dashboard

Feedback and progress

We are continuously evolving to bring you the latest in betting technology and strategy. If you have feedback or questions feel free to contact us.

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While you wait, wins slip away. Experience what our members gained in the last 24 hours that you didn't.

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